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I was at work not 15 minutes before it went out... We had to stay until about 6:30 though, they wanted to keep everyone there until 9:00. All our backup lights went out after 30 mins, and so we pulled a basketball net and basketballs out into the parking lot and played for a bit. I walked to one of the other cashier's houses where we had a barbecue (only 30 mins, it was my 'break') and came back and played cards. The manager got bored so he sent us all home...

Today only 3 or 4 stores were open in the mall, and , of course Sport Chek was one of them. I went into work and not 30 mins went by , then the power went out! I'm quite the charm, eh ? They just sent us home, cuz there's no point in staying. Anyway, my power keeps going off and on.

PEOPLE: TURN OFF YOUR AIR CONDITIONERS (HEATHER) lol ..... half of Orleans keeps going on and off and of and off while the other half sits there with their power and air conditioning !!! :|

Well I open tomorrow morning, so I guess we'll see if (HOPEFULLY) the power goes out again ... I like not working and still getting paid.....

When we got out today, some guy drove by in a panic saying "ARE YOU GUYS OPEN ?!?!?!?!?!"
I guess some people think that power outage = an urgent need for sporting equipment...

I don't know if any of the other Ottawanians (??) heard this on the radio last night, but one woman was like , "I work for security and have to work inthe morning but I don't know if I can wake up in time, so I think all the people with generators should start a wake up service to call us people with no power in the morning!"

She was serious....

Oh well, Heather's right, it's nice to see the stars I saw a shooting one last night while going to pick my mum up from work at 1:30

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