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You know what. Let them fire you and if you are truely determined to either shut this store down or make them change do something like that. Get a camara.....go in the back while you still work there and take pics, of how the animals are housed when you don't do it, take pics of the display animals, all of them, not just the herps. Take pics of everything from how the food is kept (freezer burn for f/t mice, not enough food, water or gut load for crickets anything you can think of ) and get doubles printed of them, get more if you can afford it. Give the owner one set of pics and tell them that they basicly have a month to change. (This might be considered black mail).If you don't want to do this, just send a set of pics to everyone that can affect the pet store. I'm sure that the pet shop has to have some kind of liscense(sp) to run, send it to the people that issue the liscense (sp?) And keep a set of pics and the negatives for yourself...........I would do this if I had access to the pet store by myself for a few min.........Take the pics to the local paper, or send a few pics to the editor with a letter.........go to your local t.v station.......Did I mention that this pet store I'm talking about is keeping 2 wallabee's (sp?) in something about the size of a mini van?????? Good luck what ever you do! (Try and get pics of everyone that works there to!)
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