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Hey you guys are all lucky! I was in the subway when the power went out (fun), and it stayed out until I left today at about noon. I don't know if its back up yet, either. Worst though, is I was allll alone, had no cash and even if I wanted to go outside and get food to eat I'd need to climb down and back up 20 floors in pitch black stairwells. I tell you, that was NOT an amusing night. I slept fitfully for 3 hours and spent the rest of the time listening to a crappy radio and reading in the walls which stayed lit till about 4am (I guess the generator lasts 12 hours). I had power in my APT for a few hours, from plugging into the outlets in the halls (which are powere by the generator), but like I said it didn't last long.
damned government, this better not happen again! :P

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