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It's sad, but your story is quite familiar.
In two years, I've worked at two pet stores. I figured it was something I could do to help pay tuition.
I've found that the last thing the employers want is someone who takes the animals seriously.
Despite the fact that I was one of the best sales people in the store, supervisors HATED me because I knew stuff. It threatened them, and they wanted to ignore things instead of address problems.
It did not matter that I was a hard worker.
It did not matter that I would have the best sales in the store.

I have friends that work in other pet stores. They suffer the same. I recently left a place that takes deplorable care of the reptiles. I mean, they keep like 10 anoles in a tiny plasic critter keeper (no more than 3 gallons) that does not get proper heat or light. They've kept chams like this until they started dying. In fact, the reptiles are lucky to get a proper tank with proper temp gradients and light. When I gave suggestions to you keep them healthy and alive...the owners would get more and more grumpy with me. The same when I insisted sick animals should not be for sale, I was met with hostility. The same with the fish.

Anyway, do not feel bad. You've probably done a fine job. But nothing hurts more then working as hard as you can, and then being treated unfairly because of your knowledge.

They don't want the extra work.
They don't want to bother with the extra money it may cost.
They just want someone to sell anything to anyone.

You will find, that unless you find an unusually amazing pet store, that caring about the animals and knowing your $*** will make working in the store quite challenging.
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