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Originally posted by Wrath
Imagine the people who are on life support or something, but I'm sure they have backup power units.
LOL don't have to imagine it. When the power went out, I wasn't in my town, I was sitting in the emergency room (re: chicken bone) of one of the ones that was in the affected grid. Let me tell ya, I hate the hospital when I can see everything, I hate it on so many more levels when its pitch dark and all the doors slam shut and lock! All hospitals have generators, however they don't power everything (they don't use it for a/c), and the stinkin thing took a long time to kick in... I'm sure a few people suffered from that! They wouldn't even let us keep lights on unless the doctor was in with us, they were trying to both conserve enegery and keep it cool since it was pretty stinkin hot out. Got home and found out my house wasn't affected. Grrrr... for some strage reason today though they intentionally shut our power off, even though we weren't affected. So little you can do without power! I got bored and went out back and burned marshamallowes in the gazebo while it rained
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