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Yes power outages are no fun, we had the power go out last Thursday for about 9 hours. Turns out some idiots were out drinking and decided to shoot out some insulators off the power poles coming into town (rumors say as many as 60 of them). Apparently the RCís found beer cans and empty shell casings, with the purchase receipt :dumb:. The scary part is that they started a brush fire around the poles and I donít know if any of you have seen the fires going on in southern BC but if is almost as dry in the bush around here This happened less than 5 mi. out of town. As SCR said in another post some people are idiots, I hope the cops nail them.


PS-One thing to consider is if you have a lot of money tied up in things that require power is to by a small generator. You can actually wire it in to your house circuit on a temporary bases on short notice to provided power for the bare essentials, run the freezer or maybe the furnace depending on the time of year. Sorry ladies the hair dryer is out.
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