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We have so many animal cruelty laws, it's unbelivable that
A.) People are still feeding live, and
B.) That there aren't any laws to prevent it.

In my opinion, feeding rodents, rabbits, and other animals to carnivorus reptiles should be regulated. Pet stores shouldn't even be selling live feeder animals. It should be mandated that animals such as these are humanely dispatched and properly stored for reptile owners.

People lobby to get dogs and cats spayed and neutered, vacinated and registered, yet reptile owners for the most part don't have to worry with such rules for their animals. No rats, mice or rabbits should EVER have to suffer when many snakes, monitors, and tegus willingly take the same animals F/T.

Who cares about what is natural and what happens in the wild? Obviously, our reptiles are our pets, and even though many of us don't care much about the food they receive, (at least not in an emotional way), these are living creatures raised by man. I'd like to see who would support a person feeding their dogs live goats, sheep, or baby cattle... hey it could happen in the wild!

On another note I'd like to mention a GOOD quality about PetCo and PetsMart... these places do not sell rodents as food at all... neither live or dead.
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