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The manager took me aside today at work and said I have a week to speed up my work habits or I'm fired. She confessed that she wanted to fire me today but the owner told her to give me a chance.

Her general problem is that I do things thoroughly. So pretty much, stop taking care of the animals.

From day one I can honestly say that this woman has not wanted me here. My mom thinks there's some other reason why she wants me gone and we both agree that I'll be gone in a week regardless. She's already made up her mind.

So, I don't know what to do. I don't want to work my hardest just to be fired next Friday. I might hand in a letter of resignation.

My main problem is that I am not sure, but I THINK I'll have to give the sick animals back which means they'll be killed. I can't keep the leopard gecko unfortunately however I'm hoping at least mom will let me keep the cornsnake. After I get him eating on his own, or even now if someone would like to take him (for free I might add, as long as you pick him up) that would be wonderful.

So, I'm hoping that Aaron will tell me to keep the cornsnake. And after that, I'll find one of you nice people who I TRUST with snakes to take her under your wing.

So, I guess that's it for my affecting change from the inside. There's no room in the "evil" pet stores for actual animal enthusiasts. From now on, I'll hunt out the good pet stores, however few and far between they are...


So now I'm way or another, I'm gone in a week

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