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Exclamation Windows Xp And 2000 Users Read This!

Everyone, XP users that is, please do not ignore this. There is a worm going around, a virus that is, and all XP and Windows 2000 users are going to get it. It is inevitable, if you have either OS, your going to get this worm. Again, it is inevitable. It was created by a group of basement hackers trying to prove that Bill Gates is not as smart as he thinks. They are exploiting a fatal flaw in the operating systems. Again, if you have either operating system, your computer will be infected. Do not think you are safe because you have a firewall or virus detector. There is, however, a patch put out by Microsoft to save your computer. What it does is fix the error in the operating systems which this worm is exploiting. You may infact be infected however. If you are experiencing fatal errors every now and then, and quite commonly, your infected. In this instance, there is a de-wormer. Now both of these were available on the microsoft site, however it has the site has been hacked down. Now the good news: I have managed to obtain the patch and dewormer. If you have XP or Windows 2000, I urge you to contact me immediately. My e-mail is and my MSN MESSENGER is If you already have it, I can help you get it out. Contact me.
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