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Thanks for posting the pictures Pixie. I like hearing opinions of what people think of Pit Bulls. For those of you intrested, I was the founder of the American Pit Bull Terrier Club of Montreal a few years ago. I would have to say that I know more about Pit Bulls than tarantulas as I have well over 40 books of this great dog and I've met and talked to Stratton & Colby on many occasions and i've comunicated through e-mail for a few years with Bob Stevens which are the 3 most recognized people in the Pit Bull world. Here is the link to my old web site even though the club isn't fonctionning anymore.
For other that are intereted, there is now a Pit Bull club out in Quebec city. Just type in Union Pit Bull Quebec in your search engine and you will find it.
"There are no bad Pit Bulls, just bad owners."
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