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It wasnít what he was saying at all. It didnít bother me at all, it was the fact he was spewing out his crap on that thread about mudboy, who as you know passed away
I guess facts, verifiable and from your own words, are 'spewing crap' ?
Odd, I thought that only democrats considered the facts to be crap.

I guess that's why it's so easy to get you riled up, and with emotional responses and name calling.

Rush even says that name calling is a sign of a true democrat and he is also right 99.something % of the time.

I can distinguish a democrat by the things they say.
Check your voter registration card again Chuck, I think you might be a closet liberal and don't realize it.

By the way, mine says republican.
Maybe I need to change it to Liberterian.

And once again, we have another NON-productive thread that was started just so Chucky can use the names he likes to call people that disagree with him and or show where he is in the wrong.
(side note - such a high rate of name calling and emotionalism, I had to look twice to be sure Al Gore didn't start this one )
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