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Hey Mark-

1st: I had a rough green snake. Yes, I know that they do not do well in captivity, I learned that the hard way when she died. I also learned never to buy pets from a certain pet store ever again.
2nd: I had her in a 5 gallon tank. You're giving me a hatchling right? Would that be fine? I could do a ten gallon if I need to. I have a heat lamp (but no bulb) a water dish and a hidey hole. What else do I need? What are the specifics of caring for the snake I'm getting?
Finally: if for some reason I can't make it there, could someone pick the snake up for me? Some of the people from our local pet store/supplier will be there and they said they could pick it up if I can't. Okay, I think that's all my questions. Hope to see you!
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