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People who wait for the yeild signs to turn green (it's a YEILD sign people.... you DON'T HAVE TO STOP!) <---every f-ing day on the way to work.... every f-ing day.....

People who don't understand the concept of a four way stop. Or a dedicated turning lane.

People who drive 30km EVERYWHERE

People who stop and talk in the middle of busy, narrow hallways (or in malls - the stopping in front of you thing like someone else said, or just in the way... you just wanna smack them in the back of the head.... hard.... "why is it always especially at Wal-Mart???")

When people talk to me when I'm on the phone (I can only participate in one conversation at a time! just cause <i>you</i> can't hear the person on the other end of the phone....)

SCREAMING (especially little kids!)

People at work who get mad at the staff when we don't have exactly what they want exactly this minute (sorry, I can't make it magically appear for you).... ESPECIALLY when they need it because "we're leaving on vacation tomorrow and Muffy needs a dog tag!" It's called planning people!!

People who have to write "you too" as U 2, "later" as L8er, etc ALL THE TIME, <b>ESPECIALLY</b> in really long posts or pages! It's like reading greek after awhile....

People with crappy a** cars and too much bass - dude, i can't hear anything abouve the sound of your car trying to vibrate itself into little rusty pieces....

Hairballs. 'Nuff said.

The construction that keeps changing intersections around my route to work BUT NEVER FIXES THE POTHOLES ON MY STREET.

People that buy parrots and then realize they've adopted a 2 year old for 90 years. RESEARCH people, RESEARCH!! (we have the sweetest cockatoo at work right now, looking for her 3rd home )

People who send their kids to the pet store to get them out of their hair.... we are not a babysitting service, we cannot do our jobs with kids glued to our elbows asking stupid questions!

The sound my sliding glass cage doors make when sand gets in the tracks.... yarg....

Laser pointers in movies....

POP-UPS! Just one isn't too bad.... the 3 or more sites really p*ss me off!

General ignorance/stupidity/closemindedness/rudeness.

LOVEBIRDS! I cannot stand lovebirds! I spend a good portion of my day with the birdies at work, and that high pitched incessent screaming drives me crazy.....

People that not only think fish grow to the size of their tank, but that REPTILES grow to the size of their cage!! Ummm, what?? Not true for fish, and even if it was, it wouldn't transfer over! Not just different species, different classes even!

People that tell me how much cheaper 'x' is in the nearest big city... okay, you drive down there, get it, and drive back. How much cheaper was it again?

And an odd one.... bacon in plastic bags - why don't they put a ziplock thing on it so you don't have to rebag it??

(notice how almost all my peeves involve PEOPLE? *lol*)

Sorry so long..... I'm just dying for some good rants I guess....

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"The only thing worse than a human who had no respect for other animals was a human who assumed all other animals thought and felt just like he did." --Julia Ecklar, "ReGenesis"
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