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live feeders... long rant....

***apologies to those here who feed live... my personal opinion is that F/T is better, and I'm having a bad day ***

I cannot believe how many people out there feed live! I'm working in a pet store, and we get 100 mice in ~once a month... and we sell virtually every one as a feeder for a snake. And generally, it's not to people who's snakes won't eat frozen... one of our customers is feeding a snake he bought from us <i>who we were feeding F/T</i>. *sigh* I try to tell people that feeding live is dangerous, more expensive, and less convienient (there's usually one week a month where we're out of live mice - and we virtually NEVER have live pinkies (don't get me started on the people who come in once a week for a live pinky, and then blame us for 'starving their snake'... but won't try a frozen one) ). Some people just don't know... one person I told that he has to watch his snake so it doesn't get bitten.... "really?! the mouse will bite my snake?! They actually fight back?". Believe it or not, those were the actual words. At least some are willing to listen and think about it... I suppose that's a start. What annoys me are the people who say "oh, but he does really well.... he always squeezes the h*ll out of the mouse about 30 seconds after it's put in the cage". What about the time he grabs the wrong part of the mouse? Or misses? Or the season changes and it's not hungry? But until the snake gets bit, it's just too 'cool' to watch them eat live (that's what people tell me... it's just so cool!).

Even better, we have never had live hopper mice, and have live fuzzies even less than pinkies (cause almost none stick around to become fuzzies)... what are all these people feeding live pinkies going to do when their snake grows up?

Or, the people who feed their adult corns multiple F/T pinkies because they're not cute like adult mice....

Grr... it's an excercise in frustration some times....

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"The only thing worse than a human who had no respect for other animals was a human who assumed all other animals thought and felt just like he did." --Julia Ecklar, "ReGenesis"
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