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She may surprise you and come around, yes, but as lilyskip said she may never come around. My partner has been tagged by a few snakes garters, and a water moccosin (sp??) so she has went from interested in watching him eat to let me feed him! and even helping me clean the viv's and so far as to let me get another baby bp, and being worried to death when she kept refusing to eat. This has been over a course of over 1 1/2 years. And she has fell in love with the piebald bp, but that will be a while before we get could be together for 5 years before she just randomly one day says..."I want a...*insert breed of snake* for my birthday/christmas/next show..." Me and my partner has agreed that we would love a columbian red tailed when we get into another place!!!!!!!!! So give it time, it could be days/months/ or even years, but it could also be not at all! also might try to show her something an anole....that was my first herp.........but those little suckers bite!
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