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Ahhhhhhh! My wee little town is NOT prepared for this! We are like the only ones inthe area with power, all the surrounding cities are out so you walk outside and everythings crazy! And now we are having to share our power with Welland and a few others, and they are being greedy so before long we are ALL going to be out! Argh! Its not gonna make much difference but I've turned pretty close to everything off in my house trying to conserve as much as I can. Poor town. We have 3 bars, 1 fast food joint, and two banks, and a few restaurants... it can't deal with all the big cities coming here! People are parked all over the grass, parking lots and drive-thrus are overflowing, geez... they are saying its gonna take 2-5 days before everything gets up and running... I don't think we can last that long
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