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- Children.

- Net Speak. I mean come hard is it to say 'your' or 'you're' instead of UR. It's lazy, and incredibly hard to read.

- People who try so hard to be different, and despise those who are not, that they become what they hate. They never notice or own up to that either.

Like many students, I must work to pay tuition. This has resulted in me working on and off in the fish and reptile departments of two different stores. There are a couple of things I hate above all others.

- Many people want to put a fish that gets large into too small of a tank. I tell them they should not. 95% of people respond with the logic that 'fish only grow to the size of their tank!'
WHERE has this been published?! It is HORRIBLE for the fish. Stunted growth, premature death, or a fish that grows more slowly and winds up in cramped quarters. Would they put a wolfhound puppy into a tiny crate hoping it would stay smaller?

- The tags under the tanks that can slide out. They usually list the fish and the price. Pray to your god(s) if I catch you sliding them out.

- Kids and ADULTS baning on the aquariums. See how the animals flee? It is because they are scared, you raging moron.

- People who whine about this that and the other thing being cheaper and better at that other place. GO THERE THEN!

I am done for now.
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