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People that CHEW THEIR ICE CUBES. Seriously, they were invented to keep things cold, and can MELT. Why go through all the trouble to crunch them. Augh.

Being tickled or poked. *most ticklish person in the world*

People finger-drumming on the back of my chair.

People that balance on the ball of their foot when sitting down so their knee shakes like mad, causing the whole table to shake with it. *twitch*

People that say "mmm" while they eat.

People that, after having a SPECIAL MEETING to train them how to fix a certain problem, come in the next day to have the problem arise and not know how to fix it... then call me at 10:00 to ask me how to fix it.

When CD's skip. (I hate repetitive noises also... birds drive me nuts)

When people screw around with the TV, so when I come along to watch a little Saved By The Bell, I have to use 4 clickers (yes, that's right, FOUR) just to get it back to normal.

Prejudiced people.

When there's not a new Strong Bad e-mail on Mondays, or even ANY update for that matter.

Celine Dion.
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