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I don't know Chuck, Omen seemed to rattle you a little. Point is, you asked him to STOP what he was saying about you.
It wasnít what he was saying at all. It didnít bother me at all, it was the fact he was spewing out his crap on that thread about mudboy, who as you know passed away. The fact is I even opened a new thread just for him to ridicule me, but the mods killed it.
Hey Chuck are you saying you wrestle on the weekends? I would think that you are the only member on this site that wrestles pro or are there more?
Far as I know, I am the only one.
What are you signature moves?
I do the hardcore style. The stuff that was banned in NJ. I am mostly known for blood, but my finisher is the piledriver.
Chuck how do you know those people were Democrats?
Cause democrats are the ones that think we are unable to do or discern things for ourselves. We need big government or some other organization doing everything for us. I can distinguish a democrat by the things they say.
i also got to ask does the chair in the head hurt? or are you just one of those folks who have a high pain tolerence?
Hell yes it hurts. =) But a high tolerance of pain is required to do this job.
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