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There are people who are afraid of dogs and people who have phobias and fears about birds, but I don't think you'll ever hear of a proposed ban on those animals. I have yet to hear of a person who is knowledgeable about herps calling for a ban. By many people's standards they aren't appealing at all but that doesn't give anyone the right to forbid others to own them. This lady (and most others in favor of such laws) is speaking in ignorance. I would like to know her exact reasons for banning them. Most are not harmful to humans or other pets (I've heard of far more dog attacks on humans than snake attacks) there is little risk of disease, they don't poop on the sidewalk or in peoples gardens, and they are silent. I think she is speaking out of fear and therefore shouldn't say anything until she educates herself. If you are going to have such strong opinions, you need to back them up with facts.
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