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You guys want a dog that bites and is a natural killer? Don't run from Pitts, run from Jack Russells!!! I am sure Linds knows what I mean.

Lots of small breeds are larger attackers than pitts for sure. I know of a lot of Jacks, poodle, and especially cocker spaniel bites WAY more than Pitts. My dog herself has "attacked' a couple people, they see a small dog and think no danger. Same with kids, small dog they want to pet it but don't realize my dog is not a "family dog" but a born hunter, killer and a breed that doesn't put up with any funny stuff or abuse (i.e. kids petting too hard or tugging her ears) and when I try to tell parents their "precious" child can't pet my dog, *I* get dirty looks! lol *shrug*

Nice pics, cute Pitt.

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