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That's crap. So sad that it only takes but a handful of irresponssible "herpers" to instigate bylaws like that... all the while you have unimaginable amounts of irresponsible cat owners.....look at all the strays! And all they do is set up an SPCA Although it would be very hard to pin lost snakes on people, and in likely msot would get away with it, I still think the law would be a good way to go. I wish they would look at it unbiased for one second and stop penalizing a whole community of repsonsible animals that are helping to rpeserve these animals, some of which are on the verge on extinction in the wild, just because there are a few morons out there that are irresponsible

There are already a lot of snakes and other herps banned in Alberta... you guys have all sorts of crazy law out there
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