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**** Factor Bad

I was astonished to see the cruel treatment of snakes on that silly show....(a tank full of water with hundreds of drowning snakes where a no-name actor/actress tries to pick up pucks from the bottom of the tank)...there were Burms,Corns, Garters and hundreds of other snakes hanging on for their lives while they(actors) paid no attention to the snakes plight....I was just wondering if anyone would have noticed if they had to get those pucks from the bottom of a tank full of water and drowning kittens or puppies.....the silly show would be sued and off the air in minutes.

I have edited your post...for several reasons...number one..your usage of improper words no matter how you try and disguise them is just disturbing. Save that language for the truck stop. As for the show being sued...its not the only one...what your doing is called getting yourself sued..not to mention this site. Think next time before you post in such a manner. This site is our home, dont have a lawsuit take it away from all of us!!! THINK!!!
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