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Oh God I have tons!

-People who spit when they talk
-Broken promises
-Loud and sudden noises
-Being interrupted
-Sunlight *hissssss* :skull:
-People that can't contain their unruly children in public (For crying out loud! It's called a straight jacket and children's chewable Valium! )
-Small yappy dogs
-Bossy people
-Hoochie mamas
-Immaturity in adults
-People that stand in my way when I'm trying to walk (The worst is Wal-Mart and when I'm trying to catch the C-Train. They just stand around completely oblivious, or walk at a snail's pace! Arggggh!)
-Corn snake poop :medpuke:
-Email spammers (IE: Chain letters. No your arm WON'T fall off if you refuse to forward this to everyone you know!)
-Twinkies (no, not the food...ask Invictus )
-Loud/obnoxious people
-Cheaters (overall)
-Plans being disrupted at the last minute
-Cutlery scraped on plates :medbugged
-People who take things WAY too seriously
-Men that yell out "Hey Baby! " or somthing else absolutely brainless, crude and idecipherable while they drive by.


-People who don't turn of their &%$#@!!! cell phones and pagers during a movie!
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