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Check this out!!!!

I found this in the newspaper today.

Monday, August 12, 2002
Deadly croc pool dip

BANGKOK -- A woman was killed after jumping into a pool of crocodiles in front of scores of horrified tourists yesterday at a wildlife park near Bangkok.

The woman, identified in media reports as Somjai Setabul, was seized by one crocodile and then swarmed by more than 100 others, witnesses said. Park workers were only able to retrieve her body about 20 minutes after she jumped in.

Park guide Thanes Wiriyaporn told The Associated Press the incident took place around feeding time, when the tourists were purchasing buckets of chicken parts to toss to the crocodiles.

He saw a woman in her 30s standing alone by the pool put down her purse and a bottle of water and suddenly jump in.

"The moment the crocodile grabbed her body, she even hugged onto him. It was horrifying," Wiriyaporn said.

Media reports said the woman left behind two letters in her purse that could be interpreted as suicide notes.
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