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Oh man I hate people that talk 'junk' and then don't back it up. This kid in grade 9 at my school was hitting on someone's girlfriend at a different school, and the girlfriend's boyfriend told him he would fight him at my school the next day. So, then the guy who was hitting on the girl, his name is Stu, tells him that he wants to have a big school brawl, not just a fight. The next day, about 500 people came to my school (we only have about 300 kids in my school), and they were all looking to fight. All the teachers barracaded where we could get out at lunch, and I was planning to walk down to Subway for lunch, so no one was allowed to leave the schoolground and no one was allowed to come in. Eventually, the other school climbed the fence and they were all walking around the field, and then we all went out to brawl. Then the teachers come out and sent everyone home. And where was Stu this WHOLE time? He was hiding in the French room playing some game and eating fries.


I also hate people who hate 80's music. And religious people, namely Christians. (no offence)
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