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ok I'm going to take a crack at this and try not to annoy anyone..
---people that don't know how to take care of their animals and then claim they do because "they read a book"

---people that displine their dog only to have it in their lap and praising it in the next 2 min (the animal won't learn that way!)

---people that make last minute descions (sp?) while driving.
---cheaters (not only in tests but while with others as well)
---the know it all's of the world.
---people that can't admit they are wrong
---when the rabbit decides that her litter box is a midnight supper snack and chews on it.........all night.
---when people say "whatever" in that "I know I'm wright so give up" voice.
---when people have a problem with you but they run behind your back and cry to someone else about it.....
---people that I live with (besides my partner).....
---people that try and buy me off......

Well I to could go on and on.......but I guess thats all for now!

one more thing. I HATE my family. I honestly wish they would all disapear.......
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