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As mentioned in my original post, I got those stats from the news. I don't watch the news regularily, it jsut happened to be on when I was cleaning, so I cannot tell you what station it was They also had some dog "expert" or whatever it was on advocating pits, and although they were bred in the past to be fighters, they were never bred to be agressive towards people, only other animsl, which makes perfect sense. They are great fighters, and often the ones that do attack are the ones that have been trained to do so.

I also mentioned those were only the reported attacks. Though their may be more labs and shepherds in circulation, you can bet most of the bites and attacks probably don't get reported because they are not severe....when a pit attacks its pretty well always full blow, hence almost all attacks are reported. To this day I've seen a lot of dogs, I've never seen a pit display any agression towards another person, I have seen one lab bite without warning, two labs growl, but not bite (though the one probably wouldve if it wasnt tied up to a friends back post, he said that it bit people before so they had to keep it tied ), and two of my grandmothers, one of my grandfathers, my dad, and my cousin have all been attacked my German Shepherds.... all seperate occassions by different dogs.
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