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Oh TOO MANY TO LIST... but I'll put a few of them down anyways...

= the army
= the government
= politics
= everyone else that is driving at the same time I am
= bad grammer/spelling
= dishonesty
= broken promises
= when people refuse to give you a straight answer to a simple question
= when my dog pukes on me when im asleep
= parents that can't control their kids in public
= stupid people (think that covers A LOT)
= screaming, loud, or crying kids/babies (well actually them in general)
= when I am rudely awakened by my cat who is either breaking something, eating my hair, or attacking me
= when people put empty containers back in the fridge/cupboard
= jim carrey and anyone who makes habit of immitating him regularily (yes I know two people like this)
= one of my dogs who has become increasingly disturbed over the years and now poops regularily on the rug right when you walk in the front door, even if the lights are on you still step in it because of the design of the carpet (its oriental)
= when my dad leaves the basement door open so my superhunter jack russell goes down and busts in to the rodent rack and kills/frees many... which brings me to the next pp, the mouse problem in my house
= people that have to be so perfect 24/7 they cant even take a minute out of the entire year to enjoy life in fear that it will mess everything up
= those special people that are so smart they can form such strong judegments on you, even though they have never spoken to you in your life

... I'll stop at that... I could go on forever (lol....probably literally )
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