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Wow, this could get very intersting. Here's a FEW of mine. ( I admitted have many)

1. People who drive 40 when the signs clearly say 60
2. People who don't pull over to let you pass when they know its a 60 zone.
3. Does anyone know that there's such a thing as spell-check?
4. Girls who wear hip hugger jeans 2 sizes to small with crop tops! Even the slimest person ends up with flabbing love-handles.
5. People who fart and don't say "Excuse me."
6. People who chew with their mouths open and make disgusting eating noises.
7. Guys who spit!
8. Ads that show all the good parts of the movie so when you finally see it in theater you realize the ads LIED!
9. When I vaccum and my dogs loks up at me, wags his tail, and procedes to roll around on the floor. The carpet is deep brown, the dog is white!
10. Launry soap in the cardboard box-why can't they make it in resealble containers?
11. People who try to aggrevate venomous reptiles.
12. The fact that the above persons never get tagged!
13. The fact that they no longer make SoBe black iced tea!!!!!!
14. Rich people.

Guess that's it for now. I'm sure I'll come up with more.

Julie B.
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