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Question Pet Peeves

Well I have been getting annoyed all day long with people at work... so lets here some of your pet peeves!

Some of mine...

- people in front of me that try to merge into traffic doing 130 on the 417 while doing 50

- people that spend 15 minutes in front of me in the checkout line arguing with the cashier over a 25 cent coupon

- People that stomp on the floor all night in the apartment above me

- stupid people

- those little hairs in your collar that pick at you after you get a haircut

- people that drive fast through puddles when you are walking nearby and try to drown you

- people that do not say thanks after I hold a door open for them

- people that do not say goodmorning after I say it to them

- my boss (I am sure that one will make a lot of people's lists)

- people crying
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