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Oh man had me scared for a minute there! Bah! LOL those are cute pics, specially love the look on the last pic No doubt a sweetie, every single one I have ever met was nothing more than a big, playful suck. Their "aggression" that is so feared, is typically towards other animals. Actually I was just watching the news the other day, segment on a child that got attacked by a pit (seriously though, if I was a dog I would've probably attacked a kid too... they are always pulling, pinching, hitting, screaming, etc...poor puppies don't know what to do and parents shouldn't leave their kids unattended), they showed a few reports from different states. ALL reports showed that the top two dogs that attacked people (and these are just the ones serious enough to be reported), were German Shepherds and Labs. Shepherds no doubt make the first, they don't think for themselves which is why they are so highly trainable and make great police dogs. Labs are considered family dogs... maybe this is another indication thats its the situation, not the dog. People feel safe with these dogs around their kids, who are most likely bugging the puppies Either way, both types of dog are so accepted in society, then you have pits which seem to be shunned more often than not
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