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Anyways what are the spurs for actually? i know they were once legs but due to evolution they've evolved. Do they have a purpose?
well right now we dont know what they are used for. it is unshure but the male dose "tickel" the female with his spurs to stimulate breeding but we dont realy know if it is used for anything.

i am not 100% on this but i do beleve one of the diffrences between boas and pythons are that boas have heat pits between there labial scales where with pythons they are Within the labial scales.(but there are some exceptions ex. chondro python).

what boids do u consider "unpredictable"? i know most larger than average boids like the rectics are but some keepers say BCI are but i find it hard to believe, they seem so calm.
it realy depends on the boid. generaly speaking retics can be unpredictable but can be tamed very easaly. rock pythons as far as i am conserned are unpredictable but it realy depends on the snake. there are burm that are 10 times meaner that some rocks and retics and vice versa. it realy depends on the personality. i dont beleve BCI or BCC to be unpredictable but the other day i was mesureing my BCI that i got about 4 months ago and he is a sweetheart but he struck at me about 4 or 5 times. it was realy odd considering i hadent touched or smelled like any rodent, i didnt piss him off i just ran a string along his back, but i probly should hold him more often. when he is in my hands he wont bite but he will on the ground.

hope this helps
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