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Ok, without reading the rest of everyone else's post I'm going to say my 2 cents..........I think the fear of snakes is a learned trait. I grew up hearing either all bad things about snaks, or nothing at all. My mother and grandmother (whom i was raised by) were absolutely terrified of snakes. Then one year when I was 17 my mom met someone who had an iguana. My now step dad rescued a bp that was being fed on crickets (don't ask, because thats about all I know!) And my mom all of a sudden decided to fullfill my 8 year wish of wanting to own a she is not scared of snakes. But my grandmother is absolutely terrfied of them and actully said a blood python looked like a giant colorfull slug! And will only pet the tail of my male bp IF I hold the the snake by the back of the head! So I think it is a learned trait..........
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