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It is a learned fear for sure....the same group of Brownies at a reptile demo who find snakes interesting will scream with fear(or whatever) 3 years later in Girl Scouts...go figure....but if only one of the group doesn't fall to peer preasure and sees reptiles for what they really are then ....another sSnakeSs member.......Historically, religion, (all religions), that basically preys on an individuals fears, uses/used snakes as a scapegoat to portray an idea of death(evil) . They used snakes because most popular religions,Judeo-Christian and Islam, all came from a geographical area where the indiginous snakes are/were lethal venomous species and therefore carried a mystical, dangerous persona...In earlier cultures, in Egypt, the snake was an evil entity but also was respected as a needed part of the natural world. The Sun had to fight a Snake each night ,"and win" in order that it would rise in the morning....

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