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Originally posted by Wrath
The ants invade every summer. There are a few scout ants (literally two or three) in almost every room of the house (old california house). If there is any food left out, or dog food left in the bowl, etc, the scouts call out a million troops. I doubt you have that kind of problem in Canada.
Why do you say we wouldn't have those problems in Canada? Is it because nothing can survive in the land or igloos and eskimos? lol j/j. But for real, I live in Canada and every single summer those ants invade my house too. Big black ants... everywhere. I don't live in an old house (20 years old), I think they come in through dryer vents or something. Open a cupboard to get something and the scurry out, watching tv - see 'em run across the floor, trying to clean and their they are. Ugh....drives me nuts. Everything has to be in airtight containers or they get in to them somehow. We have Raid traps all over the interior and exterior of the house, still have 'em every year. Maybe I will give those glue traps a shot. Or maybe I just need to get a bunch of free roaming house geckos or
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