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Some of you may have read my post on the cricket-ant horror that happened a few weeks ago. All horror-loving aside, what happened yesterday really has me concerned.

I came home after work after being away for the night to find ants all over my lizard's tank!!! I accidentally left the light fixture touching the wall (as I had moved it to open the lid the day before), and the ants used it as a ledge to get from the wall to the top shelf of my rack where my lizard tank is. They crawled into the tank, and were all over the water bowl, and food bowl where there were two live mealworms (i still cant get my lizard to eat a darned thing).

Fortunately, they left the lizard alone, who was hiding in his hide box. I took the worms out, and scooped out most of the substrate on which the ants were parading. I can't believe it. In less than 24 hours they came in and attacked my lizard's live food.....

I'm going to have to move the rack from the wall, make sure that nothing is making contact and put sticky tape on the legs of the rack. None went into the snake tanks, so I guess it was the worms that attracted them. I hate ants. All ants can burn in hell...

On another note, my lizard still isnt eating as far as I can tell, and it's been two weeks. I wonder how he is still fat....I guess I'll keep putting ant fodder in his food bowl, but will supervise it more closely.
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