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I belive (but not quite sure) why you started this tread.
The inspiration was a democrat telling everyone they should be ashamed for debating the dog eating topic and same lady blasted the mods for letting us.
ok chuck, then why do you get so defensive when people jump on you? I can remember recent chatter with Omen and you got so pissed off.
What, in the blue hell, are you talking about? Every Saturday night I am booed and called names and hit with flying objects from thousands of wrestling fans. Then I am bashed over the head with steel chairs and tossed into broken glass and barb wire. My head is about 40% scar tissue and I do not get pissed off from that! Do you really think anything I read on the internet could ever piss me off? I have never been angry in anything I have said on here. I often return what I am given, but itís never in angry. =)
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