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but I don't understand what you want from this website? You want Jeff to say, "Ah hell with it, go ahead guys say how you feel!" ??? Sure that might work for you, since you may be able to control yourself.
The only thing I think the mods should do different is if things degenerate to the point no more ideas are being exchanged, they should delete the worthless posts and lock the thread rather then deleting the entire thread. Other then that, I really have not had any problems with what these guys and gals do. My direction here is the general population that always spouts off about “that is not what this is for.” As for what I want, I like it just like it is. This is the most user friendly and fun forum I have ever used. I like exchanging ideas and debating, and occasionally arguing. I only want the democrats to understand internet forums were designed for debates and controversy and I wish they would knock off the “that is not what this is for crap.” That is what this is for! =)
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