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well, well a debate on the word idiot,this could be me at times but i prefer to see my self as uniformed, or has miss information,hope some one did inform the person who was inquiring about the burm, of cage size requirement ,heating ,amount they'll need to budjet for feed,and life span of snake,etc cause while you are arguing about who knows more and whos the idiot,a malnourished large snake may just be escaping from inadequite housing and oh dear here come another reptile ban.. i'm new here i come to be educated so i don't buy impulsivly that cute little snake that will grow 10-20 feet which i can,t handle. so call me an idiot or help educate me. i love my herps but sometimes what i know is not right,support and education is what i want from this site not to see people humiliated..thats all cheers mates
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