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Originally posted by SCReptiles
The fact is by the time you shut down that thread yesterday, no more ideas were being debated; I was just making fun of those two jabronis.
Because that is what happens when people start name calling and making unproductive posts. If people could stay out of the playground and quit the deprecating remarks we would never have to close down any threads. If you call someone a moron, they aren't going to shoot back with an intelligent debate, its jsut gonna start things. If you feel someone is an ignorant piece of work, instead of calling them that how about trying to educate them so they aren't like that instead of hitting the hornets nest with a stick? These forums are for sharing and learning, not for fighting, and thats all that happens when derogatory comments are made.

Yes there are loads of ignorant, thickskulled people in this world. A lot of which deserve a swift kick to the shins, but even if you feel this way about someone on these forums, its about being civil and respecting the rest of the members and their posting access. They can't contribute much intellect to a scrap, moreso if the entire thread gets shut down.
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