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The whole point is that this internet forum needs some line of rules.

If you allow people to call others idiots, then someone will eventually start calling people other names. And so on. Why even allow it to escalate?

I am ALL for calling an idiot an idiot. And I personally hate the fake friendliness feel on most internet forums. If you don't post ten smiley faces in your message you are attacking someone.

but I don't understand what you want from this website? You want Jeff to say, "Ah hell with it, go ahead guys say how you feel!" ??? Sure that might work for you, since you may be able to control yourself. But it won't work for others who cannot, or for some jersk who just want to fan the flames or trolls etc. Then this website would lose valuable members because everyone is sick of wading through piles of forum garbage to get to any normal conversations.

Things have to be limited or all this will become is a unmoderated newgroup where zero flow of real information is passing. I don't see how "taking your own medicine" is even possible over the internet. You can give or take what you wish from this website, and all Jeff (and the other mods) ask is that it is kept semi clean and semi adult in maturity level. Its not that hard really.

THe minute I see someone "freak out" on the forums that person loses a lot of my respect (not that anyone needs it) but when I see a person use logic, normal adult conversations and mature sentences to prove their points, I am far more likely to view them as a valuable member of the reptile community and someone who is commited to reptiles on a whole. Not commited to themselves and fighting on the internet.


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