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I think people's fear of snakes had happened out of generalizatoin. Here's what I mean...
We are taught at an early age that snakes are poisonous. So, we decipher that as "stay away from ALL snakes". This is obviously a generalization. However, parents that tell their children this are simply misinformed...they think they are doing the right thing by telling the kids to stay away, because they aren't educated enough to be more specific as to what snakes are poisonous. Case in point, I told my 21 year old cousin that I was getting another carpet python. He told me I was so crazy to do that. I was confused. He thought that pythons were poisonous! I think many people think as he does. However, we can try our best to change that by educating... starting with young people. It's much more important to educate youths because they are much more willing to learn. Anyway, good post..
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