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I remember this one time at a store I was working at...
At the time, I had taken out the most gorgeous, tame, albino pine snake. I was going to wash out its cage, and was taking it to the back. Halfway there, this small boy maybe 3-4 years old at the most stops me and asked to see it. He was absolutely enthralled by the way it felt and looked. I'd never seen a kid giggle like that. Then his mom came around the corner, freaking out..."Get away from that dirty thing, they bite!"
The kid ran behind his mother's legs, terrified, and she scooted him out of the store.

Yes, some monkeys are afraid of snakes too. And I'd be willing to bet it's a learned behavior from adults and other members of the group. If people didn't <i>know</i> that they could bite, that they could be venomous, etc, they would be powerfully curious or at least indifferent - but not scared. People were not born knowing snakes are venomous, or that there was no cure for a venomous bite at the time, etc.
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