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Jenn i wish you the best of luck with this little one. Please update us after you find out what your vet says.

Eyespy how would probotics work if say the leo wasn't eating at all (unless you were forcefeeding) but could you mix a little in with water and try to get them to drink it. If you did it this way would it have the same effects

dam zookeeper as far as i'm aware any eating right now is great news for me. 2 days after the meds i tried to feed her a pinkie she regurgatited it the next day(vet recommended that i get her to eat a pinkie). Then she got 3 mealies the next day kept those down 2 days later i could only get her to eat 2 meal worms she regurgatatite them in 3 hours. then sunday she finally ate some waxworms and has kept those down.

I have experince appitite loss with panacur. So i was expecting it with albon but so far she starting to show signs of improvement and if she wants to eat i'm going to let her.
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