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In the news...

A man in Ottawa this morning was at the gas station filling up his car. Apparently he was not paying any attention because he overflowed and gas sprayed onto his shirt sleeve.

After paying for his gas, the man got into his car and drove out onto Hunt Club road and lit a cigarette. When he did so, his arm lit up on fire!

Spectators say the man stopped his car in a frantic and jumped out onto the road to wave and thrash his arm about to try and put out the flames. As he was doing so, luckily a police officer was driving by and stopped to help the man. The cop took a fire blanket out of hs trunk and wrapped it around the man to douse the flames.

As the man was thanking the police officer, the cop proceeded to cuff the man and arrest him.

Want to know why????

For waving a fire-arm

(I like telling this one here because nobody can hit me LOL )
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