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Fouled baby painted rescue

Hey Guys,
This is a story about a baby painted rescue that was fouled by human stupidity. I urge you to read it, I think you'll find it interesting how cruel and disgusting some can be. Btw, i'm mainly a turtle ethusiast, so turtle stuff from me (as well as long, detailed posts) will be common.

And have I got a story for you...<_< I'm coming home, and about to walk in the door when I hear "SNAPPER, SHE'S GOT A SNAPPER!", down the street . So, like any of us would, I run to the source of the message, and find that it's a 3" midland painted. I then correct the person, and say it's not a snapper, and one of the snooty know-it-all kids argues with me that it's a snapper, haha. I found out that the girl found it down the street, on the road. Now, there are no ponds near me, only a creek which is in no way suitable for painteds, trust me.

I consider it to be a CB released pet. So I spend the day trying to coax the girl into giving it to me. I tried everything, even buying it off her. My mom even agreed to let me keep it, which was pretty shocking.It really disturbed me, because she dropped it on the pavement, throwing it head first into kiddy pools and was not keeping it in any water while carrying it around all day, and trying to feed it ants, and that's not the worst of it (read on) . I was later reffered to the girls' mom after the neighbour said I knew alot about turtles.

Just like usual, I get 1/2 way through the list of what the turtle needs, and the mom says "Screw that, we're putting it back." I was gonna offer to take it, but I wasn't sure yet. Instead, I asked if I could keep it in my spare 20 gal setup overnight, since the kid wants to keep it for the day <_<. I was gonna try to get it when she was to drop it off that night at my house.

But, then something bad happened boohoo. It turns out that the dad took it with the kids and threw it off a small cliff, into the creek for fun. When I talked to him, he grinned and said "It's probably still unconscious" I was sooo pissed off. I marched down to their door and found out where they released it after showing them that I was pissed. The dad was all proud of himself for throwing it <_<. So I spend the next hour searching the creek in vain for a tiny painted. Then, four 13 year old punks started throwing crab-apples at me from the cliff. I was real pissed, and threatened to kick their a$$es, and I started scrambling up the muddy cliff, and they ran like the spineless #@$^*%&$ they are. I came home with soaked clothes and dissapointment.

I hate that family now. 6 kids, and not enough brains to go around...nevermind the parents. I had the tank all set up, awaiting a turtle...and thanks to human stupidity, a baby painted is probably floating dead in a creek right now boohoo. I'm gonna go look for it tommorow, maybe it's still around... I'm gonna check out about a 1/2 mile or more of creek with my little bro tommorow, maybe i'll come across it. If not, then at least i'll be outside.

I wonder if anyone read it to the end
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