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While you are waiting for the fecal exam and vet check, it's not a bad idea to drip a lot of water on its snout to get it to lap it up. Dehydration is quite likely when you're dealing with a scrawny little one who's too weak to chase down crix.

Another cheap insurance policy is to give probiotics (beneficial bacteria). Most drugstores and healthfood stores sell acidophilus capsules which you can open up and dust the food lightly with a pinch of the powder.

Parasites, infection and malnutrition all kill off the bacteria that normally lives in the large intestine and helps break down foods for the leo. If he should need antibiotics or anti-parasite meds, they can further reduce the gut flora population and it's not a bad idea to give probiotics whenever you are deworming a reptile.

Good luck and let us know how this poor little one makes out.
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