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My tat was inspired by a few things. Starting about 25 or so years ago, I have reoccuring dreams from time to time about snakes that don't have heads but have human like hands where their heads should be. In the early 80s I painted a painting with these snakes crawling around in various places and have sketched and drawn them many times. ...then for years they were forgotten and as far as I know undreamed of....then the Cure came out with a song called "wrong Number"...lime green lime green and tangerine...the sickly sweet colors of the snakes I'm seeing...LIME green and tangerine...the sickly sweet colors of the devil in my dreams.

Ok...that freaked me out and back came the snake dreams. My original painting was of tan and olive colored snakes...but there were a couple of sketches of orange and green snakes I took one of these sketches to a friend that does tats and he hooked me up. This is my tat:

The knots are knots of unity or working together, not combat and the eye they are holding is a symbol of how they overcome their problem of not being able to see.

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