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When someone does not have knowledge they are ignorant. Ignorant is not a derogatory term. When you give someone information and they ignore it, then they become predominately ignorant, and at that point calling them an idiot seems fitting. I like to call people decorates from time to time. Funny thing is, even people who are democrats are offended at being called one. =) Maybe itís a culture thing, since most people here are either Canadian or Yankees, perhaps you just canít understand the lingo of the dirty south. We are not big on sugar coating things. I would not, nor would anyone in my group, belittle someone who is ignorant. But we will point out an idiot at the drop of a hat. If you are offended at being called a democrat, donít be one. If you are offended at being called an idiot, donít be one. That is pure and simple. I have had differences of opinions with several people on this forum. If they present facts and draw reasonable conclusions from their facts and the facts I present, then we have no problems. In fact there has been times I have changed my opinion on issues after reviewing facts. Now, there has also been times I have differed with people who only throw out opinions and when I present facts they present more opinions. Idiots? I think so! Call a spade a spade!
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